London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square


Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square stands as an epitome of timeless elegance and luxury. With its rich history, impeccable service, and a prime location, this hotel has become a beacon of sophistication in the vibrant city of London.

A Storied Legacy

Originally built as a stately townhouse in the mid-18th century, the Grosvenor Square property has undergone a remarkable transformation into the opulent Marriott Hotel it is today. Its storied legacy is reflected in the grandeur of its architecture and the seamless blend of classic and contemporary design elements.

Elegant Accommodations

The hotel boasts a selection of lavish rooms and suites, each meticulously designed to provide a haven of comfort for its guests. From spacious deluxe rooms to luxurious suites offering panoramic views of Grosvenor Square, every detail has been carefully curated to ensure a stay that is both indulgent and unforgettable.

Culinary Delights

London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square is a culinary haven, offering a range of dining options to suit every palate. Guests can indulge in fine dining at the hotel’s signature restaurant, where expert chefs showcase their culinary prowess with a menu that combines global flavors with local ingredients. For a more casual experience, the hotel’s bar and lounge provide a chic setting to unwind and savor expertly crafted cocktails.

Event Spaces and Meetings

With its central location and sophisticated event spaces, the hotel is an ideal venue for business meetings, conferences, and social events. The dedicated events team ensures that every occasion is executed with precision, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Wellness and Recreation

For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, the hotel offers a state-of-the-art fitness center and spa facilities. Guests can enjoy a workout session with modern equipment or indulge in a pampering spa treatment to unwind after a day exploring the bustling streets of London.

Exploring the Neighborhood

Situated in the prestigious Mayfair district, the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square provides easy access to some of London’s most iconic attractions. Guests can stroll through Hyde Park, explore nearby museums, or indulge in luxury shopping on Bond Street.


In the heart of one of London’s most exclusive neighborhoods, the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square offers a luxurious retreat for those seeking an unforgettable stay. With its rich history, impeccable service, and a commitment to providing an exceptional experience, this hotel stands as a testament to the timeless allure of London’s hospitality. Whether for business or leisure, a stay at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square promises an indulgent escape in the heart of the British capital.

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